Breaking Solar System News! Mysterious Massive Wave Of Energy Recently Hit Earth And You Can See Impact… May Have Intelligent Origins!! Earth Is Spinning Faster And Even Mainstream News Is Reporting It!! Galactics Hint Something Massive Will Happen In August!! Solar Storm Soon To Hit Earth!!

Mysterious Massive Wave Of Energy Hit Earth

Is this what is seen in this video? Seems like the timing fits.

‘Canyon of Fire’ Solar Storm Headed Our Way, But There’s No Need to Panic

ScienceAlert|13 days ago
Solar winds from the snapping of a gigantic “canyon of fire” filament on the Sun are set to slam into the Earth today (20 July) or tomorrow (21 July), triggering a weak G1 geomagnetic storm.

IITM:  There seems to be lots going on in our solar system right now… things flying around, things hit earth, debris fields, rumours of Nibiru… did you know the galactics are hinting that something major is going to happen in August?

Extraterrestrials Hint Massive Energy Coming In August 2022 That Will Instantly…

Mainstream news is even reporting that earth is spinning faster than usual, and it is receiving widespread coverage!

Spinning Faster Than Usual – The Mystery Of Earth’s Faster Rotation

Did you notice that the days are going by faster recently? Well, it is because they actually are. Our home planet, Earth, is spinning faster than ever. Even the shortest day ever recorded was last month.
Earth is also to be hit with another major blast of energy Aug. 3.
Oh there’s more!



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